“Because promoting your projects requires an outside perspective backed-up by genuine scientific expertise.

Symbiotik supports you in all your projects…

… of scientific writing, regardless of:

• the medium: print or web;

• the format: detailed dossier, feature article, scientific literature review, educational article, news story, interview, report, Q&A, event report, etc.;

• the target: health professionals, general public, researchers, teachers, companies, regional and central government, journalists, etc.;

coverage: regional, national or international.

… of scientific research and expertise:

• regular or occasional scientific watch;

• bibliographical research in scientific databases (Pubmed, etc.);

• summary of the main results of scientific publications;

• writing of summary reports and monographs.

Our areas of expertise are health, nutrition, agronomy and the environment.

Health: medical biology, preventative healthcare, audiology, poor vision, hearing aids, cardiovascular diseases, oncology, osteoporosis, renal failure, metabolic diseases, radiation protection, geriatric medicine, infertility, dyslipidemia, etc.

Nutrition: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, microbiota, osteoporosis, malnutrition in developing countries, institutional catering, sustainable food, healthy foods, nutritional indicators, undernutrition, eating behaviours, sociology of eating, etc.

Agronomy: agriculture, agroforestry, soil conservation, biodiversity, animal husbandry, oilseeds, protein crops, cereals, landscape conservation, water resources, fertilisation, phytoremediation, crop protection, integrated agriculture, sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, etc.

Environment: climate change, water, carbon footprint, life cycle analysis, environmental labelling, carbon market, greenhouse gases, waste, renewable energies, fair trade, sustainable food, biofuels, nuclear safety, etc.

Examples of previous work

Creation of turnkey magazines; coordination of scientific journals; drafting press articles; writing syntheses of scientific publications; preparing bibliographical summaries; sectoral monitoring; coordinating and writing newsletters; web content; brochures, folders, kakemonos; press releases and kits; infomercials and editorials, etc.